Tributary Reader is a print journal of arts, literature, and environment in Richland County, Ohio. Our first volume, a 6×9 paperback journal, will be released in summer 2021.

We will present works by artists, writers, students, scientists, and thinkers related to Richland County—some experts, many beginners. During a time when it feels that life is increasingly lived online, a beautiful paper reader will bolster community engagement and promote literacy, arts, and public spaces in Richland County.

Works of poetry, fiction, narrative nonfiction, criticism, interviews, illustration, photography, design, and other paper-and-ink-friendly pieces are all invited to submit. The more perspectives included, the richer the picture of our shared place on Earth. We will set a tone of dignity and respect for all people within the pages, and will investigate the literary life, art, and nature that exists here now.

We are approaching this goal with a very open and DIY spirit, and we invite anyone who is interested to submit a piece for consideration. Please see complete submission details in the “submit” section. We look forward to getting to know your work!

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